What is Teacher Planning?
Like all professionals - a teacher must be organised and prepared.
Students, parents and the school administration expects the teacher to prepare lesson plans, unit plans and assessment plans.

Why is Planning important?
Planning is vital for a number of reasons:
  1. To plan how the curriculum or "essential learnings" needs to be addressed
  2. To plan how to address the needs of the individual learner
  3. To help with classroom management practices.

Lesson Plan Templates:
http://www.teachnet.com/powertools/neattools/lessontemplate.html (using excel)

Unit Plan Templates:
10 lesson English Unit Plan (Middle School) -
10 lesson English Unit Plan (Senior School) -

Curriculum Mapping:
Curriculum maps are valuable planning tools for teachers, helping them to begin with the end in mind and chart a course for the year. Typically, annual curriculum maps are organized by month or marking period and provide an overview of:
· the enduring understandings and overarching goals
· the standards-based essential skills and concepts
· the methods of assessment that the teacher and students will be working on throughout the year (e.g., major writing assignments, projects, performances)
· the major content resources
Unit curriculum maps include all of the above with the following additions:

· the unit’s theme, essential question(s), and enduring understandings
· more detailed notes on the formative and summative assessments to be used throughout the unit
· the strategies and best practices used to explicitly teach the standards-based essential skills and concepts
· a list of the multi-genre resources that will be used throughout the unit
(Source: http://www.greece.k12.ny.us/instruction/ela/6-12/curriculum%20mapping/index.htm)

Mapping Resources:
Four Term Cu rriculum Mapping Document:
Ten Month Planning Calendar:
20 Week Curriculum Map: