What is Reporting Writing?
Why is Reporting Writing Important?

Grades are designed to define the student's progress and provide information about the
skills that he/she has or has not acquired. Nevertheless, grades are often not detailed
enough to give parents or the student him/herself a thorough understanding of what
he/she has actually learned or accomplished (Wiggins, 1994; Hall, 1990). For example,
if a child receives a B in spelling, a report card comment can inform the parent that the
child is generally a good speller; however, she consistently forgets to add an -es to
plural nouns ending with the letters s and x. Thus, teacher comments often convey
whatever information has not been completely explained by the grade.
Well written comments can give parents and children guidance on how to make
improvements for specific academic or social areas. For example, the teacher who
wrote the previous report card comment on spelling may also wish to include that
practicing how to write the different plural nouns at home or playing different spelling
games may help the child to enhance her spelling skills.

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