There are a variety of "teachers TV" video sites.
The british teacher tv site is an excellent resource.
Hundreds of professional presented videos about improving your practice as a teacher.
Headings include: Professional Development, Assessment, Planning, Primary and Secondary Education, as well as Leadership and Whole School Issues.
This Australian teacher tv site is a relatively new resource.
The site allows teachers to submit their own storylines for the producers to source or construct content that is requested or the teacher can submit (upload) videos of their own which are then screened prior to addition to the site.
This site also includes TAFE videos in the Vocational Education section.
This is the you tube version of Teachers TV but it also includes a number of US videos.

In the teaching profession time is one of our most protected assets. With work intensification issues at the forefront of our minds, together with the soon to be introduced professional learning (30 hours for registration) teachers and schools need to find non-traditional ways to continually improve their skills and practices. An alternative to face to face professional learning (workshops or conferences) and professional reading (association journals) is the online world. A wide variety of options are now available for free professional learning that are asynchronous in nature.
The list below outlines a selection of these sites: (utilises many video on demand resources - USA) (Queensland College of Teachers site has many useful resources for all teachers not just beginners) (using an online conferencing tool to attend PD anywhere in the world for free from your PC - Australian) (excellent UK resource) (good but is only new - does include many of the UK resources as well) (USA and UK resources - good variety of videos) (Australian resources)